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      About us

      Be an enterprise of the times, create a century-old brand

      Dongpeng is here to look forward to visits and guidance from people from all walks of life, and is willing to further discuss and cooperate with you

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      Corporate culture


      Corporate mission: to create happiness for employees, benefits for the enterprise, and wealth for society

      Corporate Vision: To be a modern enterprise and create a century old brand

      Corporate spirit: giving oneself the power to conquer all difficulties

      Strategic goal: first strive for excellence, then strive for greatness, and then strive for strength

      Business philosophy: Benevolent in morality, harmonious and innovative

      Talent concept: possessing both moral integrity and talent, and applying them according to the needs of individuals

      Marketing philosophy: Although ten thousand meters are long, one meter is not short

      Core values: Believe in the masses, rely on the masses, and do everything for the masses