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      Our goal strives to provide customers with satisfactory products and services

      Willing to carry out professional technical exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprise R&D centers, professional research institutions, etc.

      Home/Service/ Quality assurance

      Quality assurance


      Always adhere to the principle of "honesty first, customer first", strictly control product quality with "uncompromising quality standards", and strive to provide high-quality products for customers. In the process of customer service, adhere to the principle of "not letting customers suffer losses". The measures taken by our company regarding the "three guarantees" issue are as follows:

      1. The company has established a system for handling "three guarantees" and customer opinions. The company's product customer service strictly follows the job responsibilities and work standards stipulated in the Three Guarantees management regulations to implement the "Three Guarantees". The company has set up a dedicated return and exchange department, and any customers who need to return or exchange due to improper storage, transportation, or other personal reasons are promptly resolved by the return personnel.

      2. After sales service measures:

      1) In order to provide customers with more convenient services, the company has established an after-sales service hotline to ensure that customers can correctly understand our company's products. The phone consultation includes quality issues, product prices, return and exchange issues, and has designed various aspects related to our company's products. The company personnel patiently and meticulously answer every customer call. As a window of the company, the telephone serves customers in various ways, narrowing the distance between customers and the company, and playing a role in establishing a good market image for the company.

      2) Tour visit: The company's after-sales customer service often travels between customers to solve any problems they encounter during use, and makes every effort to satisfy customers.

      3) Customer feedback: In order to improve the company's after-sales service work and also to gain a comprehensive understanding of customers' opinions and suggestions on the company's products, company personnel regularly visit customers. During the visit process, a "Customer Feedback Form" is issued to widely solicit customers' opinions and suggestions around product quality, usage, delivery time, contract performance, service response speed, and other aspects, In order for the company to make timely improvements to its products and services according to customer requirements, and meet various customer needs.